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"The business of business is serious but it doesn't mean it can't be fun."

Marketing has been my business for over 35 years.  As business and marketing has changed and morphed the one thing I've discovered is that marketing actually hasn't changed - even with all the digital "stuff" out there today!

You see - the principles of  marketing hasn't changed since they communicated with smoke rings but the WAY we market has. 

I work with clients to simplify their marketing so they can save themselves the overwhelm and angst and draw in the clients that will make their businesses grow and be more profitable. Without the marketing drama! 







Tune in each week to to hear entrepreneurs talk about how they are growing their businesses. The lessons learned along the way, the wins, the struggles, and their expertise. Then, learn from these episodes with in-depth training based on the guest's stories. It's different and inspiring! 


"After just 2 weeks of working with Taylor, I’ve made some massive shifts in my mindset and my daily routine. I’m hopeful for the new future I’m creating."

Maisy Bouchey

"This time last year, I was a frazzled mother of 2, just barely getting by. Thanks to Taylor’s courses, I’m a happier, healthier person for myself and my family."

Janell Parks

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